Bars Session

“I remember when Jodi first told me about Access and its defining, hippie-dippie characteristics. It sounded like an even farther gone version of Reiki and the ideology ringed cultish. We were standing outside of a comedy theater, waiting to perform our show. She asked if she could run one of my bars and I said, “Sure,” thinking, “Sure, I guess I get ready to fake a reaction, so as not to hurt her feelings.” Then she placed two fingers on my forehead and cupped the back of my neck with her other hand and this boost of energy flew through my brain, like ribbon shooting through a film projector. She laughed at my egg all of my face expression and I handed over a part of my skepticism. Now, after having Jodi run my bars several times, I understand the benefits. If I’m feeling in a funk before, I know I’ll leave those sessions feeling wiped clean inside, refreshed and resilient. I retain some of my healthy skepticism, but I’m willing to admit I don’t need to fully understand Access for its powers to help me.” – Holly (Bars Client)

“After the session with Jodi I felt very clear and light, especially in my relationship with my seven years old boy. I was more patient loving and enjoying our time together.” – Talma (Bars Practitioner)

Access Bars® Class

“I think I’ve learned more from you than any other Bars Facilitator. Thank you!” -Meg M. (Bars Facilitator)

“Jodi is a fantastic teacher, who is able to impart high level ideas, in an easy to understand way. She is very patient, and answered all the questions I had, as well as directing me to materials online that could further help me in my studies. And after the bars session, I left feeling completely relaxed and centered. I couldn’t recommend Jodi more highly.” – Christine (Bars Practitioner)

Lovely interview with a charming couple from India.